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  • Prensa

    • Danielle Pergament para New York Times
    • On the Via del Governo Vecchio, a tiny street in the heart of Rome, the path to credit card debt is lined with cobblestones.
      This quaint piccola strada spans six strategic blocks just west of the Piazza Navona, though it’s barely wide enough to accommodate even the smallest, windup-looking Italian cars.
      Despite its romantic crumbling palazzos, there are no travertine sculptures, ancient temples or really old amphitheaters.
      Equally notable, there are no tour groups or their buses.
      There is but one reason to go there — to shop.
      Inviting storefronts stand shoulder to shoulder, but unlike much of the city, there’s a conspicuous absence of antiques and barely a dusty bookstore for good measure.
      What Governo Vecchio breeds are small boutiques that tempt passersby with wispy cotton dresses, tough leather jackets and oversized chandelier earrings.
      Governo Vecchio caters to a specific kind of shopper — the young, trendy, affluent kind.
      “When we moved here in 1993, this area was, well, it was really bad — poor and abandoned,” said Cristiano Perfetti, owner and co-founder of the Strategic Business Unit, a store famed for graphic t-shirts, crisp button-down shirts and distressed jeans (you might recognize them from Jeffrey New York), from 200 euros, about $260 at $1.30 to the euro.
      “Now,” he added, “it’s where all the new designers want to open a shop.”
      Although his store, known by its initials SBU, is officially on Via di San Pantaleo, it stands at the base of Governo Vecchio and is a good starting point to test your credit limit.

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    • Nigel Coates entrevistado por Maria Shollenbarger para Financial Times
    • The last item I added to my wardrobe is a beautiful black rabbit-felt hat, from a gorgeous shop in Rome called SBU, Strategic Business Unit.
      It has this unbelievable property of being able to be completely screwed up, and then utterly regaining its shape.
      No label, no seaming: it is perfect bare minimum of design.

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    • 10 de las mejores tiendas de Roma. - The Guardian
    • Hipster menswear can be a challenge in this city where pastel tailored slacks and cashmere pullovers rule, but sited conveniently next to perennial lunch spot Cul De Sac and only a short distance from Piazza Navona, SBU fits the bill.
      (SBU) Strategic Business Unit was founded by two brothers Patrizio and Cristiano Perfetti back in 1993, when the area was all but derelict, the 200-square-metre store now takes pride of place at the foot of shopping magnet via governo vecchio, racking heaps of own-brand distressed denim, casual, sports and tailored wear, plus japanese white denim, parkas, shoes, button-down shirts, t-shirts, chinos and sweaters.

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    • Simon y Hannes Hogeman, dueños y fundadores de Tres Bien Shop
    • SBU, or Strategic Business Unit, might seem like an odd name for a clothing company but it’s one which fits the enigmatic Rome-based label perfectly.
      Brothers Patrizio and Cristiano Perfetti aren’t ones who choose to hide, but rather two men who prefer to do things their own way.
      Their shop name might be borderline un-googleable, but the clothes they make are well worth the trouble that comes with hunting them down.
      Sitting just off the beautiful Piazza Navona, SBU is most famous for its classic, supple, ink-dyed jeans: made exclusively with the finest japanese selvage denim and then produced, down to the last detail, in Italy.
      One thing the brothers never compromise on is attention to detail.
      Anything from (SBU) Strategic Business Unit is going to be beautifully made, right down to the last thread.
      They’re simple pieces, timeless in the best possible way.
      Craftsmanship sits right in the soul of Patrizio and Cristiano – artisans in the truest sense of the word.
      Denim isn’t the only arena in which SBU excels, however.
      Their collection is a fine array of sophisticated casual clothing, sportswear, and tailored leather.
      All crisp cotton shirts and plain white t-shirts alongside motorcycle jackets and canvas plimsoles (with the odd 100% cashmere balaclava thrown in), the boys know their basics well.
      “(SBU) Strategic Business Unit denim jeans and fashion collections are produced with the endeavour to realize a modern classic wardrobe obtained with the progressive incorporation of garments having different origin and function.
      Those “units”, linked one to another, integrate and complete the previous.
      Each strategic unit constitutes connected elements with a diverse interpretation” Perfetti's explain.
      We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

    • Eleonora Baldwin visto por los lugareños
    • The acronym SBU stands for Strategic Business Unit, but the name is misleading.
      We’re talking about one of the city’s most stylish jeans shops, the one where roman vips and stars go to for their vintage low-cut japanese denims.
      Overseas, the luxury SBU brand is sold at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, the Library in London, Fred Segal in Los Angeles, and Isetan in Tokyo, to mention a few.
      (SBU) Strategic Business Unit Rome flagship store is just around the corner from busy Piazza Navona, and specializes in jeans, but also designs a sophisticated range of casual clothing, sportswear and tailored leather collection, shoes and very posh fashion accessories, like the 100% cashmere balaclava.
      I love their crisp white cotton t-shirts, stylish motorcycle jackets and canvas plimsoles.
      The old wooden counters, stacked drawer chests, and cast iron columns of this former 1800s draper’s workshop provide the perfect, understated setting for the Perfetti brothers Cristiano and Patrizio’s range of classic and ink-dyed jeans.
      The pair I bought was a superb indigo stretch denim, which looks perfectly worn and feels oh so soft and supple, and a men’s leather combat boot, which, when properly treated, will keep my feet chic and dry in all weather conditions.
      Besides the large street front rooms, one for the men’s collection, with a suspended racing shell hanging from the ceiling, and the women’s collection room, there is a photography studio and a small hidden backyard, which is perfect for a relaxing moment between shopping sprees.

    • Vanessa Bozzi para
    • SBU magical three letters for fans of jeans and street style.
      Strategic Business Unit manufactures world-class denim clothing.
      The owners, brothers Cristiano and Patrizio Perfetti, well understand strategy seen that before coming to the most creative fashion, were for a long time dealers.
      An experience that proved crucial to understand customer needs and the mechanisms that mobilize the market.
      The philosophy of Cristiano and Patrizio seems to be that of darkness: no fairs nor fashion show.
      At least for now.
      Most urgent programs relate to the company's growth.
      That means in terms of market expansion in Europe.
      The rest of the world already wears their jeans.
      Jones and the Library in London, Fred Segal in Los Angeles and Isetan in Tokyo already expose in their illustrious showcases luxury jeans made in Italy.
      (SBU) Strategic Business Unit jeans are manufactured with japanese denim fabric and entirely produced in Veneto, the most prestigious area for the manufacture of jeans.
      As for the working of gold.
      And in fact, are small jewels these simple and pricey denim garments.
      "Quality has a cost and is in any case award" Patrizio tells us.
      Not only by customers. just open the prestigious Louis Vuitton city guide to find in the section 'shopping' the SBU shop, which index is one of the most accomplished of the Italian capital.
      But jeans aren't the only love for Cristiano and Patrizio. the passion is also expressed through t-shirt, knitwear, shoes and accessories of various kinds, all strictly casual, with SBU, of course, or Primitive, other brand produced by the child prodigy of Italian casual-wear.
      Needless to say, that many characters in the world of entertainment, of course, but also sports and finance, dress casual wear of two brothers.
      Vip, "but friends, more than customers," specifies Patrizio.
      And so, the silence on names is mandatory.
    • Pierre F. Lombard, artist and founder at Cinemuse Independent Cinema
    • My friends at loading bay in Cape Town, recently opened my eyes to discover and appreciate, not only good design in clothing, but also perfect craftsmanship and the beauty of quality fabrics.
      With this unconscious awareness, I was transported to the captivating city of Rome for two magical weeks.
      Each afternoon I would head off to explore the historic sites of the city.
      But that plan failed miserably ... often.
      Because I would be drawn into a store like SBU (Strategic Business Unit), and two to three hours later I was still trying on their handsome garments, have coffee with Patrizio, co-owner with his brother Cristiano, and then spend time to take these photos that I present to you now.
      After a while my eyes caught a pair of jeans ... the style is exactly what I was looking for, and of course, the most expensive one in the range ... I always do that! it was an organic unwashed denim, made in Italy, but the fabric from japan.
      So here I stood, with an authentic, hand-made garment in my hands.
      It was beautiful.
      And so, I took out an authentic gold credit card to take it home.
      Although the (SBU) Strategic Business Unit store is officially on Via di San Pantaleo , it stands at the base of Governo Vecchio where I did all my shopping, as opposed to the popular Via del Corso.
      Thanks to Patrizio for a very warm welcome and a pleasant experience, I wish you all success.

    • Fodor’s Review
    • In a city famous for classically sharp suits, it can be a challenge to find hip menswear in Rome, but SBU (Strategic Business Unit) suavely fills the void.
      In a 19th-century former draper's workshop, it's the place where Rome's vips buy their soft and supple vintage low-cut japanese denims.
      Behind the old wooden counters, stacked drawer chests, and iron columns, (SBU) Strategic Business Unit offers a sophisticated range of casual clothing, sportswear, shoes, and upscale accessories.
      The small hidden garden around back offers a relaxing moment between shopping sprees.

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    • Shop Magazine
    • Jeans genius.
      The name (SBU) Strategic Business Unit might not suggest cutting-edge fashion, but this Rome store is a treasure trove of cool, casual pieces.
      The range of denim, inspired by vintage americana, is a highlight: the fabric is made in Japan using ancient techniques and natural dyes, while the jeans themselves are painstakingly made and finished in Italy by skilled craftspeople.
      To complement your perfect jeans, the (SBU) Strategic Business Unit collection also includes an artisanal leather shoe line, leather jackets and accessories, shirts and knitwear, all made in Italy using the finest materials.
      Conveniently located only moments from Piazza Navona, the store's tranquil courtyard is the perfect place in which to relax between shopping and sightseeing.

    • Deluxe Roma
    • Established in 1993 in Rome (SBU) Strategic Business Unit is launched by brothers Cristiano and Patrizio Perfetti as producer of highest quality denim, and this means luxury jeans made in Italy.
      SBU stands for Strategic Business Unit and it is possibly the most understated high-end jeans shop in town.
      The Perfetti brothers are in the heart of Rome's historic town center Via di San Pantaleo just around the corner from Piazza Navona at the base of Via del Governo Vecchio.
      The Perfetti brothers are known for their attention to the smallest detail and for not being open to compromise.
      Each SBU product is therefore beautifully made.
      Once you visit the shop you will meet the brothers and understand the philosophy behind SBU, Strategic Business Unit.
      (SBU) Strategic Business Unit jeans are produced using very high-quality ink-dyed denim from japan.
      The SBU denim is a fabric with a beautiful texture and imperfections that make each jean both different and unique.
      Wearing a Strategic Business Unit denim fabric is an experience that brings you back to a time when jeans were far less industrial products.
      Although (SBU) Strategic Business Unit specializes in jeans, the Perfetti brothers also design and sell a sophisticated collection of casual clothing, sportswear, and a beautiful leather collection.
      SBU iconic plain t-shirts are simple and just perfect to wear.

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    • Louis Vuitton guía de la ciudad de Roma
    • (SBU) Strategic Business Unit, the brainchild of brothers Cristiano and Patrizio Perfetti, is a fashion shop located in Via di San Pantaleo, at the base of Via del Governo Vecchio, on the fringes of the Piazza Navona, in Rome, in the heart of the old city, where grocery stores and clothing shops sit side by side.
      Here, the brothers display ultra select apparel from some of the hottest fashion designers around the world, coupled with their own denim line for men.
      (SBU) Strategic Business Unit suits and shirts are exquisitely cut, and you’d be hard pressed to find such refined color choices elsewhere.
      Their remarkable range of footwear is also well worth a look.

    • William Kissel para Robb Report
    • What makes (SBU) Strategic Business Unit jeans stand apart from standard levis is the quality of material and the intricate finishing methods, so they feel supple and comfortable right off the rack.
      At (SBU) Strategic Business Unit, a new Italian fashion denim brand, the denim is infused with trace amounts of polyurethane to enhance stretching, while hand-sanding methods are employed to weather the cloth and give it a softer finish.
      The company’s priciest jeans, at about $400, are made from selvage denim, the fabric at the edges of rolled bolts of cloth that is naturally aged and softened by exposure to the elements.
      This top-of-the-line collection is also appointed with rivets made of copper instead of aluminum.

    • Herika Noleto para BCurious
    • Traditional romans in every sense of the word, Cristiano and Patrizio are happy to make their home in their favourite city in the world.
      When I stopped into their Strategic Business Unit (SBU) shop, Cristiano and Patrizio Perfetti greeted me like an old friend.
      I’d heard of the shop from friends as a must-see style attraction of Rome, and hey were right.
      Over a bottle of wine and a plate of mozzarella Patrizio shared his passion for clothing, his friendliness and genuine interest in customers, and his love for his home city.
      In 1993 Patrizio and his brother Cristiano created this (SBU) Strategic Business Unit brand.
      I was impressed by how the Perfetti brothers obviously care about every customer, some of whom have become friends.
      During our interview they jumped up three or four times to greet someone they knew who came into the shop to say hello.
      The (SBU) Strategic Business Unit brand is pure global luxury, sold at shops including Bergdorf Goodman in New York, the Library in London, Fred Segal in Los Angeles and Isetan in Tokyo.
      But the Rome flagship store is where Cristiano and Patrizio make their home.
      Just around the corner from busy Piazza Navona, the shop specializes in jeans but also carries a sophisticated range of casual clothing, sartorial suits, shirts, knitwear, sportswear and tailored leather collection, shoes and very posh fashion accessories.
      I admired the crisp white cotton t-shirts, stylish motorcycle jackets and canvas plimsoles.
      The SBU shop even has a photography studio and a small hidden backyard.
      It’s not hard to see why Patrizio loves it here.
      He’s committed to staying connected with his customers, so much so that he says he’s not trying to grow his business bigger.
      “We want to stay exclusive, not commercial”, he said.
      “We are happy when our customers, our friends, come to our shop.
      Taking care of them, spending time with them on an everyday basis and selling them our fashion is what makes us happy”.
      Another reason they are keen to stay local is obvious: Cristiano and Patrizio love Rome and everything about it.
      Members of an old roman family, the Perfetti brothers are passionate about their hometown”.
      “I love Rome. I’ve never wanted to live anywhere else. We have beautiful people, beautiful architecture ... every day is wonderful.
      I love going to the food market or riding a bike around the city admiring the beautiful things – or just the simplicity of a sunset”.
      In fact, Patrizio knows Rome through and through, both his history and hotspots.
      He’s definitely living that ideal to the full in beautiful, stylish Rome.

    • Monocle – La guía de viaje Monocle de Roma
    • When brothers Cristiano and Patrizio Perfetti set up (SBU) Strategic Business Unit shop close to the bottom of Via del Governo Vecchio in 1993, none of the area’s retailers had come to these narrow alleys a stone’s throw from Piazza Navona.
      Since then this has become one of Rome’s most coveted shopping strips – and their space has turned from a retailer filled with an acute selection of brands to a flagship for the pair’s own designs.
      Four rooms filled with 19thcentury wooden shelves, cabinets and cast-iron columns showcase everything from (SBU) Strategic Business Unit sportswear to tailored suits.
      Shirts, jackets, hats, sweaters and t-shirts all share a functional, minimalist aesthetic but it is the jeans that are the star attraction here.
      The Perfetti brothers source their denim from Japan but all of their collections are made in Italy.

    • Federico Galli para Esquire
    • SBU acronym stands for Strategic Business Unit, a fashion brand established in 1883 by brothers Cristiano and Patrizio Perfetti.
      Today it is a very special clothing shop, located a few steps away from Piazza Navona, with the endeavour to realize a modern classic wardrobe.
      The old wooden counters, stacked drawer chests, and cast iron columns of this former 1800s draper’s workshop provide the perfect, understated setting for the Perfetti brothers Cristiano and Patrizio’s range of classic and modern fashion collections produced under their Strategic Business Unit brand name.
      Besides the large street front rooms, both for the men’s sportswear and tailored collection, with a suspended racing shell hanging from the ceiling, there is a creative studio and a small hidden backyard, which is perfect for meditation.

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    • Federico Galli para ShoppingMap - Instagram
    • Glad to introduce you the brothers Patrizio and Cristiano Perfetti, owners of SBU - Strategic Business Unit - a super cool shop founded in 1993 and located in the heart of Rome, close to Piazza Navona.
      Forget well-known brands.
      This is the place to be to create the perfect wardrobe of the contemporary man.

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