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  • 男性のスーツの理想的なライン

    • In men’s tailoring they are called critical points, which are the details that you have to know when you decide to buy a formal suit, even tailored or packaged. In fact, ideal lines of men’s suit are the right lenghts of the sleeve and the pants, the waist, the lacing, the shoulder and the crotch.
    • Here's what to check carefully when trying a wedding suit.
    • As for the jacket, the points are divided into: shoulders, chest, neck and armholes.
    • Shoulders and sleeves must descend freely and perpendicularly, without creating unsightly bulges and folds.
    • The chest should be large enough that it can be buttoned comfortably, preventing shots on the front.
    • To assess the armholes just raise your arm, if the front of the jacket is lifted, it is too abundant. As for the neck it must adhere in the back. When it pulls it means that is too short for the conformation of the jacket. When it is abundant, it will tilt forward.
    • Moving on to the pants, the first thing to consider carefully is the crotch, which should always be placed as high as possible off the ground: the higher it is, more slender the figure will be.
    • Another key element is the correct length of the pants. it should be long enough to cover the socks and with the hem cutted preferably oblique, so as to rest it well to the rear of the shoe.